No Best Only Better

LeoDrilling produce a complete range of quality drilling products for Blast hole, Water well, Mineral Exploration, Geothermal, Grade Control drilling and Raise boring operations. We offer one-stop drilling solution to meet all your drilling equipment and supply needs. We are committed to developing mutually beneficial and successful partnerships with our clients by offering them quality products, excellent service and competitive costs.

Choice of Drillers

Lower Cost per Foot
Robust and Consistent performance
Easy to use and maintain

Outstanding drilling products are what you can count on:

Our Products

  • Our Factories

    "Advanced CNC Lathes ensure the high-quality machining;"

  • Heat Treatment Furance

    "Advanced Heat Treatment Furance ensure the high-quality microstructure of materials;"

  • Premium Alloy Steel

    "Premium alloy steel EN27(Ovako 253), D6A, EN40B(Ovako 420), FF710 etc"

  • Premium Tungsten Carbide

    "We use premium tungsten carbide Element Six, T6 and YK05 analog to Atlas copco BH30, Sandvik MP45"

  • Pneumatic plug gauge

    "Pneumatic plug gauge ensure highly accurate tungsten carbide hole;"

  • Welding

    "High quality welding ensure long lifespan of tricone bit"

  • Best sale

    "QL80 DTH hammer"

  • Painting

    "Good Painting of products"

  • Packing

    "Upgraded packing is suitable for long-distance shipping"